Thursday, May 28, 2015

Staying in Zapata, TX BUT a new Companion- Elder Vawdrey... May 26, 2015

Its been great. And yeah those are classrooms and if that is a picture of me i never posed for it so quien sabe. Elder Vawdrey is really cool. I get along with him really well. He loves soccer and is really good at it so im learning from him. He is the district leader here so we are working hard with the other elders. THey are both really young so we are helping them out right now. Im currently on exchanges u up in laredo right now with a brand new missionary so it will be fun. Teaching him spanish and stuff haha. So its been good. Got the package haha thanks for the squirt guns we are going to use them on the dogs when we are biking. Lots of Love, Elder Hatfield So another transfer in Zapata. Time to set the changes. My goal right now is to find a family that will stay in the gospel. Get some Melchizedek priesthood here. The men need to step their game up. Satan knows that the man is a huge strength out here so he is working so hard on them. Not scared to show them that they aren't as tough as they think they are in sin. Obviously in a very loving manner and not confrontational. But you have to be bold to call people to repentance and if the word penetrates and they harden their hearts you can pray that they will have another opportunity but move on. We didn't have the Restoration to be terrestrial kingdom dwellers. Its for those willing to pay the price for the fruit higher on the tree. Im jealous of your bike. Mine isn't as nice haha. but it does the job. I also hear i might inherit yours which will be awesome haha. I see you learned a spanish dicho. Lo que cuesta borato sale caro.(What you buy cheap ends up costing more than expected) Glad you get to see the pics. You guys take care out there and ill try to keep myself in good biking shape. We ran an 8k for the community the other day so hopefully that helps haha. Lots of love, Elder Hatfield

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