Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 18, 2015 Still in Zapata, TX area and loving it!

No word on transfers and nobody has been to Mcallen so Ill get it probably tomorrow. We will also know transfers im guessing tonight. Super cool for Mckade! thats a huge blessing. I hope he studies it often. My patriarchal blessing has been one of the biggest supports on my mission. ANd i know it will be for the rest of my life. I hope you guys have fun out in Utah. I know the family misses you guys. Also tell them Hi for me. Your a great Mom so dont worry your kids dont want to just get out and leave you. Also a little time away makes them realize how important their mother is. I mean i have to make my bed in th emornings now. Thats ridiculous! haha. I pray for you guys and hope everything is going well. Ill let you know asap ;) aka in a week haha. You guys take care and thank you for all your prayers for me. Im so grateful for the functional(crazy) family i have. Love, Elder Hatfield This week was a bit of a struggle you could say, Not the attendance at church our efforts deserved but thats the thing with agency. Its an unpredictable thing. So my talk on finishing what we start didnt hit the crowd it was intended for but those who were there got to hear me ramble on in my first english talk on the mission. WE just had our devout english members there. Im not sure exactly why everyone chose yesterday but it was a lot less people than what should have been there. Im extremely pleased to hear about Mckade's Blessing. That will be a firm anchor for him in his life. Im glad he had a good spiritual experience. Im trying to continue and improve. As much as i feel like i have improved i lack so much. Todavia falto mucho. But its good progress. So the experiences may be painful but the rewards eternal. I got my hand on the plow and dont plan on looking back anytime soon. My biggest regret from before my mission was not taking advantage of the spiritual Giants we have back home. You, the busaths, Stake Presidency. And many more. I didnt realize the wisdom that was being shared and I lost those. So thats why im here. Learning to appreciate and repent. Because Today is the day of our repentance. Love your son, Elder Hatfield

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