Sunday, May 10, 2015

Wonderful email from The Shumway's the senior couple serving with Brayden in Zapata, TX.

To the parents Elder Hatfield: We are Elder and Sister Shumway currently serving in Zapata, Texas, with your wonderful son. We want you to know that Elder Hatfield is one super missionary. We have grown close to these four Elders here and have been able to observe them in their work; we are extremely impressed with all of them. On this Mother’s Day, we want you to know that Elder Hatfield is bringing great honor to your name, that he is on task, is very thoughtful, and extremely insightful. Rejoice that you have such a wonderful son. We know whereof we speak, as we have raised 8 children, are the grandparents of 27, and are now on our third mission. We have never been more impressed than by these young Elders.

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