Saturday, August 29, 2015

Email from Zapata, TX Aug. 24, 2015

It was a lot of fun at the conference. We received a lot of guidance and reminded of a lot of things we could be doing better. But that's okay. Repentance is a good thing. I was also reminded of how secluded I have been in my mission. I didn't know very many people at all. And the only way people knew about me is because of the crazy stories from the border. So I felt a little weird out there. But I was able to fit in. I also was able to work with members. It was extremely different. We ate every day! I tried to gain my weight back but not quite haha. It was also good to be able to pull president aside and update him on our humble group of Zapata. With the people we have right now we are looking good to have baptism next week and start getting some of our priesthood holders up and going so that we can have the Priesthood to get things done. Also in the package a solid pair of black pants would be good. My other ones didn't get along with a dog. But other than that we are doing fantastic here. Im blessed to be out here! It has been an amazing experience! The savior truly has "oceans of love" for all of us. We are all here to learn and to grow. This life is meant to be a trial. But we signed up for it. And now its our job to get back to be with our father again. I am blessed with my earthly parents. You have been able to model the gospel for me so that I can one day teach it to those future generations. I think of that as I work here. If I can have a big enough impact on this generation I can change the paths of those generations to come. But it starts now. I Love the gospel and I love the Savior. His example and mercy towards us is so incredible. To be able to share this message is a blessing. To be able to offer hope. Our message sounds too good to be true but its the only message with a Win WIn. Thanks for the prayers! Love Elder Hatfield P.S. Cake in a jar sounds great!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Very Cool pics of Elder Hatfield!!

Aug. 10, 2015- Waiting to still hear on transfers!!

Well can anybody say WOW. We had an amazing week. WE had a wedding! Which was awesome and the baptism is today at 6 so we are really excited that. We have been super blessed out here. One of the people that is preparing to be baptized is going to be one of the strongest members here. It has been awesome to watch Zapata Change as i have been working here. I have put alot into this area. And yeah it has been difficult but I wouldnt trade it for anything. I have been able to grow alot here and I know that the Lord has kept me here for that reason. We are truly blessed here in Zapata. SO whatever happens i know its what the Lord wants. I just hope i can really help. Everything is going good here so far so we will see what the Lord has in store for us. Good week. One of the best weeks in my mission. I was actually given some time to do some "personal study" this morning. Usually im studying for other people and its nice to get some real time to myself for a bit. So i decided to study how Moroni shut down the kings men and how teancum was willing to do what it took to defend what he knew was right. Also on recognizing the spirit and how that spirit can bless our lives and more importantly the lives of others. One thing that has really helped me is being able to see the Lords influence in others over time. To watch my district grow and become something more than what they could have been has been a huge blessing. One of the most spiritual experiences in my mission happened this week. And i think its something that you can relate to as a bishop. I had the opportunity to be able to interview a woman who is preparing to be baptized. She is one of the most prepared people i have ever met. She is growing by leaps and bounds. But in the interview i gave her i had the opportunity to be able to tell her that something she did 20 some years ago can be forgotten. And that the Lord remembers it no more. The relief and comfort she received from that was amazing. I grew from that alot. And whether i stay or not she will always be a part of my life. SHe helped change me. The ability to help others and serve in leadership positions is a priceless opportunity. I now understand the words of Christ. He who is greatest among you let him be your servant. The gospel is priceless. I love this church. I love what it does to people and I know our father in Heaven loves me and is here to guide me in everything. I can now stand with other spiritual Giants and proclaim as they do that Jesus is the Christ and that his sacrifice was not in vain. But that it is really here to help us. If he never came we would have lived without hope in this life. Lots of love! Elder Hatfield

Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015

Im praying that i stay. I feel like there is alot more i can do here. But we will see what president says. And thanks about figuring stuff out for college. It will help me alot. We are looking at a really succesful month for august. There are alot of people who can get baptized. so we will see what happens with that. We are looking at some really great members of the church. THey are going to help us alot here. We had a busy week. Alot of fun with the dogs out here. Its wierd but im always in a spot to help dogs. Working at the vet has really been a huge blessing i know how to help alot of dogs here. People just think that they are mean animals but they dont realize that they are guilty for it. Its the same with there kids. THey all want there kids to live a happier and better life and to not get preganant at 16 and things like that but what they dont realize is that if they keep living the way they dont want their kids to live it doesnt matter. THe change has to begin with them. Which is why its cool to see some young people who are actually letting the gospel change there lives and planning on getting married. I hope your week goes well. We will see what we know by next week.

Email from Zapata, TX July 27, 2015

Its been good here. And thanks for the Jacket! that's going to be super nice! I do miss the cold alot. Ive always liked it and its been sitting in the hundreds here. Im getting used to it but its still not my favorite. As for college i will have to figure it out when i get there. I might be able to live cheaper off campus and stuff. I can live without alot of stuff haha. So we will see. Also if i can just budget food myself and save money. I have also met a few people down here that would provide me with a few jobs up there. So we will see how that works. And by up there i mean idaho and utah. Havent put too much thought into it as of yet. But other than that its been great. We have been finding alot of new people and helping them to progress. Its awesome. ELder Randall is getting better. And we are all having alot of fun. Im scared for what transfers are going to bring. I think im going to be out. But we will find out. Thanks for all of your prayers everyone. Im really grateful for that. WE have been very blessed here. Lots of love, Elder Hatfield As I have begun communicating with some of the Companions i have had who went home im almost not looking forward to it. You dont have the same opportunities to bless people. Those opportunities will be there but just not as plentiful. I just hope that when i get into a home i can do and say exactly what the savior would do. I have greatly grown in that. I have noticed this transfer that my testimony has grown. I was able to teach the investigators class at church on sunday and i was teaching about Baptism and it was a good lesson. But at the end of the Class i bore testimony of why i was a missionary and what i am here to do, to really just put our purpose out there. it was awesome. The spirit was very strong. I have been changed alot on the mission so far. and those are going to be refined as I lose myself in the service of those under my stewardship. I just hope that i can stay worthy of this responsibility. I have been thinking alot about families. And every time i read my patriarchal blessing im reminded of how blessed i really am to have been born in the family i have been born in. WHeere the gospel principles and teachings were not only taught but exemplified. Thanks for that. We are going to keep working here. Lots of love, Elder Hatfield

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 20, 2015

I keep thinking the mission isnt very long. It doesnt feel like that much time has passed but when i think about how much has changed back home i cant believe it. Life is going to be so different when i get home. I wasnt too shocked with Grandpa lowe. Im glad he is in a better place now. Another Faithful servant returning home. I think the suffering at the end of this life is just the final bits of refinement that we need to be ready fort the next life. We are progressing out here. We have a few solid people that are preparing for baptism. I have alot of faith in them. I have been very impressed with their progress. I didnt think they were going to make it but we just had a powerful lesson and everything just clicked for them. The lord touches hearts and changes those who truly love him. Best wishes for the young couple. Thats wierd. But as long as he is happy. Just hope Mckade wasnt too goofy at the wedding. It looks really pretty! where was it done? dont know when ill have to think about those things haha. Lots of love, El mero mero Elder Hatfield Im doing fantastic. And off of medication im doing great. no worries there. And as far as the mission is going its amazing. I dont need anything in fact ill be sending some stuff home. i got too much stuff haha. (the battery in the watch died so ill just send it back to you) and some other things that i picked up. And thats wierd about sydney! i know a few people from vegas in the mission so if you let me know who i can ask around haha. And thats alot of people going out on missions. And that means that ill have some time with mckade before he goes out so that will be alot of fun! And from the looks of things out here we are looking to baptize on sunday and have a marriage this week. Im super happy for Caleb and SHelby as well. Its going super good out here in the mission. We had alot of cool miracles this week with the people. WE saw a member that i havent been able to make contact with for the first time in about 5 months. SO that was good. We gave her a blessing and we also gave a blessing to another woman who will soon be an investigator. Also Joe and Jessy the couple we are helping get married so she can be baptized is sharing the gospel with so many people. They are going to be a huge help with the work out here. they already have strong testimonies and everything. ITs going to be awesome. We are also looking to baptize in august. Got some cool people who will be ready by then. But im doing great. Lots of love, Elder Hatfield P.s. We got the church on our backs

New District Leader July 6, 2015

Thanks! Just another load of bricks;) But thats what Hatfields do. We work best under stress. The more weight the better. So a pretty lame 4th of July. But we did get pizza and rootbeer floats. I felt american for a brief period of time. Which was great. so the new responsibilites are alot of Fun. Training a new missionary and leading a district. and Im going to be in the branch presidency and the branch mission leader. I will have a few callings. Its great though. I love every moment of it. I can focus all my time and energy on building the Kingdom. THere is no other time where i will be able to do it. All my time. Its a very special opportunity i have been blessed with. I just hope that i can live up to the expectations that are placed before me. So we are working with Joe and Jessy. They have come to church a few times. WE are hoping to get them married and then baptized. So thats what we are working on right now. We have a mission challenge of finding people so lets see what we can do with me and my greenie. We need to beat the other elders at least haha. Hope you have a fantastic day! Lots of love, Elder Hatfield Its been a pretty crazy week. Its hard to think a week ago i was in Mcallen with president saying your going to be a district leader and a trainer. That is a very rare thing. So here i am out in zapata. I remember looking at out ward boundaries in ohio and was thinking wow. My dad has alot of people he is in charge of. So here i am and while it isnt as much its alot. Im really learning to appreciate the atonement. Its been a great week. With teaching and finding people. WE have a finding focus this next week. so im going to see how i can help the district find people in there area. I always appreciate the spiritual nature of your E mails. Its nice keeps me focused on the day. I was reading in Alma 17 this morning and I learned alot from the first part of the chapter. It helps remind me about when i was called to be a missionary. And while i havent exactly served in the most bountiful areas i have been able to serve in areas that are really in need of help. Thank you for your example and the help you have given me. Im looking forward to that bike. So far mine is starting to get pretty beat up. Roads aren't exactly the best out here. Have a great week! Love, Elder Hatfield