Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 4, 2015

So told mom i will be calling at about 3 my time and about 4 your time. I think so. So thats the plan. Its been a very real battle this week. We got the people to church though. we set a record a believe for amount of people at church. 42 It was a very animated and busy day at church making sure classes are being taught. correct doctrine is being taught. All those things. ITs been a great blessing to have the shumways here. The other senior couple is amazing. When i first moved into the area i thought they were going to be like parents always wanting to know where we are at and things like that but I know that without them here in zapata we wouldnt be able to do the work. THey give us guidance and structure. ITs alot like the parable of the young crow and the old one given in conference a few years back about how the young one can fly ahead and do circles around the old crow but he doesnt know the path to travel. And so he can never get too far. We can work as hard as we want but the give us structure and are capable of doing missionary work in manners that are simply impossible for us. I had a few questions about ways that Nestle makes goals and plans to see if i would be able to implement any of that out here in the field. Thanks for continually being a source of wisdom and strength. Thanks for being my "old crow" or old man. Haha Keep Kilee and Mckade out of trouble. Im keeping this front and I know your keeping the home front. Lots of love, Elder Hatfield So its been alot of fun in zapata. We broke the record with 42 people at church this week. We are really getting the work done here. its been great to see. How our hard work is making a difference. Lots of fun and changes are happening. it just seems like hearts are softening. so we will see what happenes this next little bit. Looks like mckade had fun at the prom! He is looking good! Kilee looks really pretty there. Looks like things are going good. So i just herd that spencer Staheli is about to leave on his mission soon. so Jordan wont see him for 4 years! That is a bit crazy! Things are good here Ill probably skype you on sunday at 3 my time so i think 4 your time. after church. If that works for you guys. So thats what the big plans are. ANd no not anything i can really think about in a package. So nothing too crazy happening here. We are hoping to help those kids get baptized on the 17th so we will see what happens. Lots of love! Elder Hatfield

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