Monday, February 23, 2015

Pics from Feb. 22, 2015

February 16, 2015 Zapata, TX

Im grieved and relieved to hear that she has passed on to a new and better life. She has set an example that we need to follow. I do wish that i could be there today but Im where i need to be. I know the service will be great and that she will be so blessed in her new life. Now its our turn to live life so that we can meet with her after this life. I didnt get the package yet but ill be down to the mission office today for a baptism so ill see if its there. And no the person backed out last minute. But we are planning for this week to come. This has been a hard month for the mission we havent been doing very well with baptisms this month. So we are trying to fight through it. we have a big key to play down here in zapata so we have alot of pressure on us to reach our goal. Elder Perkins just got called to go be a district leader so ill be helping him the next little bit. He is pretty nervous so ill help him learn his responsibility(i have been companions with a district leader for awhile now) But with all these trials and challenges here thats why im here. Im thriving on it. Lots of troubles and challenges. Parents not letting us teach their children, children ruining the lives of their family with verbal and emotional abuse, people lying to us over and over again but thats why we are down here. To get things done. I love you guys alot and as far as shoppig and things we do it all in Laredo. THere are little stores here but they dont have much and they are expensive. We have a mall here so before having you buy me stuff id rather you send me money but i still have money on my account so ill be good. I love you guys and i wont be there but ill be there in spirit. Tell everyone I say Hi. I love you!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb. 9, 2015 email #2

Mom, Been good here. Lots of fun and alot of success here in the zapata twig! We are finally getting some coordination out here. Its about time. The members here vary from barely converted to super converted and willing to give it all to the church. we have a family driving 2 hours to come visit members here and take people to church. Its starting to pick up in heat there is a month that is the 30 hottest days of summer and once you survive that your fine. I hope Janae can move on soon as well. She is ready to go and just needs to get some rest. She deserves it. Im grateful for your sacrifice and example of Charity. Your setting an amazing example for many right now. Thank you. Im doing really good out here. we are looking at a baptism this upcoming week and working with a young couple who need alot alot alot of help so if you can pray for them their names are Morelia and Jorge. tehy have three kids and arent married. THey need to get married before they can get baptized so Hopefully they can go through with it. We are going to be the people pushing so lets see if it works. I love you guys so much! Love, Elder Hatfield

News from Zapata, TX Feb. 9, 2015

Dad, We are working hard out here for sure. Ive never really been this tired before. There just isnt enough time in the day to do what we need to do. Especially because we have to use two hours every other day to go to meetings. We live in the middle of nowhere. again. But this sunday was really good. we were bold with a few people and now we are going to have a baptism this next sunday if it all goes well. Learning alot about confidence and faith. If you want something its going to happen. its as simple as that. just have to want it bad enough. I have been studying the story of Joseph of Egypt and how he had a good attitude even through all of the hard times. He proved that attitude is a choice and because he chose to have a good one the lord multiplied his blessings upon not only him but those around him. He passed through the refiners fire and came out something more pure and a powerful tool in the hands of the lord to the saving of many lives and the influence he was able to have on an entire nation. I love you guys and so far im doing just fine. Some things are starting to get worn out but so far I dont need anything but i will let you know. thank you for all you do. Love Elder Hatfield

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Great Email from Sister Moss about Elder Hatfield!!!

Bishop and Rachelle, We were visiting our son in Corpus Christi TX and met a missionary that served with your son, Elder Avila. He spoke so highly of Brayden (no surprise there!). He said Brayden was the hardest working comp he has had and that he learned so much from Brayden. It was clear that he really, really loved serving with Brayden. He told me about a day they were determined to work all day on their bikes, but it started to rain. It only rained for an hour or two while they were teaching so they continued with their plan only to end up pedaling in water that was over their pedals the entire rest of the day, but Brayden never gave up or complained. They just kept working. Sounds just like the Brayden I know and love! Our son is the ward mission leader in that ward. I really hope they get a chance to work together. Anyway I wanted to share and let you know how much he is loved and respected where he is serving so faithfully. I only wish I had seen Brayden while we were there! Sherri Moss

Feb. 2, 2015 Emails from Elder Hatfield- from Zapata Twig!!

Dad, Thanks a ton for your guys's prayers and help. We have been doing really well here. But a few people to pray for and a brief explanation would be Marisol- An investigator who just had her troubled son return and well he is not exactly a good influence or example. Ive never seen anyone embrace evil as he has. Ruben- On probation until august and so ready to be baptized. already considers himself a member. Jorge and morelia- Not married but want to learn more and get baptized. We are teaching them the commandments this week. And a big old prayer for the zapata twig. we need it. We are doing really well though. we find new less actives weekly. I love you. Its been a good test out here. Im learning alot about patience with people and humility. Pride is one of my big weeknesses. \ Another cool experience. I went through my patriarchal blessing and Took all the commitments and advice and then the promised blessings if i fulfill the commitment. It really helped me to see alot about gods plan for me. I love you and i pray for you. Thanks for all you do! Love, Elder Hatfield Mom, Its been alot of fun out here. Not alot of new things going on but the work is progressing and im doing really well. Im sorry to hear about all thats going on out there. SHeeesh. Sounds like you and Cort have your hands full with everyone. But your example of love and service is really special. I dont think you realize how big of an impact you have on our lives and the lives of others. you never really know who is watching. So we are working with a few people. And one of them is Marisol. Her troubled son just got home and he is just a waste of life. He beats up his mom and his little 8 year old brother. plays filth on the T.V. all day long and smokes all over in the house. Just a big turd. But if you can keep them in your prayers. She really needs our help right now. We are working right now on getting some leadership down here in the branch and its a big pain because nobody is really communicating with us. Its a big effort to try and get everything up and running right now. We are doing a whole lot of things as best as we can but until we get some authority in here there isnt too much we can do. Other than that im healthy and doing well. im actually trying to get into good shape down here and get excising while i can. Those flour tortillas get to you haha.Well ill be down here. Ill be keeping you all in my prayers. I love you! Love, Elder Hatfield