Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April 27, 2015

Thanks for the answer and also for all you guys do. I couldn't imagine serving without the support of my family. It would be pretty difficult. I know a few missionaries who are in that situation and its impressive to me. Once being a missionary and seeing the church through the eyes of a missionary its hard to comprehend being less active or not keeping your covenants. We live at such a high standard its hard to relate sometimes. So this week was really good. We have seen alot of great miracles here this past little while. Sunday we had a full house and a great service. A few people that were pretty closed or not wanting to do anything with us had their hearts opened. which was a huge blessing. We have been working hard and we are hoping to baptize may 17th. We will see what happens. Ive been thinking about a few terms in spanish in the scriptures that have helped my understanding of the scriptures. THe first one being llevar a cabo- this means to literally carry or bring it to completion. So its by our efforts that we take the task to an end. the next is llegar a ser- to arrive at to be is the direct translation but it means to become. meaning arriving at a point or achieving a change. to become clean or arrive at cleanliness. Just a few little things that have opened my eyes in the study of the scriptures in spanish. Con mucho amor, Elder Hatfield haha as long as i get to practice spanish on the cruise. Thats exciting about the kitchen. Hope it looks the way you wanted it to look! And that blows my mind with Caleb. It seems like you get to a certain age when everyone starts to get married. Its weird. A few missionaries i served with got married. That is super fast. So we had all those kids we have been playing soccer with finally come to church. And a less active family. It was pretty cool. The building was looking pretty full. Thats about 37 people to church. Our goal is 40 so we are close. Glad that grandma and grandpa got the letter. i wrote it and then i took forever to send it. So im glad they got it. Not too much else going on out here. Just working hard. Lots of love!

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