Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Elder Hatfield's email to Dad- April 20, 2015

Thats some really good counsel. This week i have talked to a few other missionaries especially after the email last week. Im really grateful for your prayerful guidance and counsel. A few missionaries out here have less active family members or their dad isnt a big influence in their life. It reminds me of how blessed i am to have been raised in a family that teaches and has patterned the gospel for me. Its not only blessed me but it has blessed the lives of many here in south texas. Im truly grateful for your efforts to help me in my work here. Your an amazing example for me. I have been focusing on trying to alter the why of my missionary work to love and charity. Im studying and working on applying the principle of love and charity in the work here. and yesterday I saw some fruits. In the lesson i really just tried to love the person as much as i could and everything i said and did was guided even more strongly by the spirit. I wanted them to overcome their challenges of being a young married couple and help them to use the redemptive powers of the atonement in their lives to become even better. Its been a good week. I read a little bit in the story of th sons of mosiah and when ammon serves the king and does everything out of just love and a desire to serve the lamanite king and the great affect he has on the lamanites. So here i am trying to have a similar affect on the lamanites. I did have a question for you that i couldnt find. Maybe with your church organization experience you can help. Why do we not partake of the sacrament in conferences? If its such an essential ordinance why do we not make sure its a requirement in every church service? Just a quick question. Be talking with you guys here pretty soon. Love, Elder Hatfield

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