Monday, April 13, 2015

Email from Zapata- April 13, 2015

So whenever it seems like I "complain" my specific trials stick out. So usually by the time i get your long awaited email(which has always been the most uplifting and guiding) I have some ideas or thoughts on what i plan on doing. Then your E-mail usually takes it home by putting emphasis on truths and doctrines that ive learned because of that. One of the recent converts here learns very well by repetition and helps me know im being guided by the spirit. Because he is now learning bigger and deeper doctrines and when we pass by its hard to know what he needs until we ask him questions. so this is the third time now when ive had to make a lesson on the spot to teach him a principle that will help him. He is kind of an introvert as well so i have to listen carefully and pray on what he needs. So for the past two times i taught him a lesson and then that sunday the same principle was shared in the class at church. He finds me after and is like "How did you know! They just taught exactly what you told me when you came by!" Every once in a while Father opens the heavens. Briefly and at unexpected times but he does it to show us that we are on course. When i begin to feel inadequate or like my service hasnt blessed or aided very many the heavens open. This sunday we had a suprise visit from the bolanos and Josh. Josh was the one I baptized in Roma. His family likes the church but they werent ready for it yet. But he is still active and helping by doing his own missionary work. One of the Less active families i spent alot of time with in pleading and begging is now an active member and holds a calling in the relief society. I was reading this week in the talk by Jeffrey R. Holland in his talk which i cant remember. but talking about how trials seem to always come and then relief through god. With Joseph Smith and Moses. But it really hit me how our trials always line the path to something greater. Like the parable of the camel and they Eye of the needle. Symbolically the eye of the needle is the passage in the bridge where the rope is fed. a camel if unburdened and at the end of a journey with lack of water and food could fit. so it is only after our trials and a long stretch in the desert that we are able to make it through the narrow way. Im grateful for you prayers and the revelation that you seek in my behalf. Im slowly beginning to understand what it means to be a father and the love that god has for us but i still have a long ways to go. Love, Elder Hatfield

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