Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Elder Hatfield's email to Mom- April 20, 2015

No i didnt hear about Jeancarlo. Thats exciting though! Good for him. And i recognized everything in that picture but tate! ya es grande! Its been pretty fun out here. we got alot going for us now in zapata. I think we just had to get through a rough patch and then we could start finding again. Its been good to starting seeing some more success. People are also starting to notice us a bit more and all that we are doing for the community. Congrats with the tile! we got new tires on our car today if that counts for anything! Work is going really good today so its been good so far. Estamos ayudando algunas personas aqui que han pasado por dificultades en la vida. que tenga una buena semana! Love ya Elder Hatfield

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