Monday, April 13, 2015

Email to Mom - April 13, 2015

We have our district conference this next sunday so that should be alot of fun. Also we are now working with a few people. we even had some people come to church. We found them and it was pretty cool by biking down the road with our plans all falling through and then i saw some older women cutting some grass with a knife. And i was thinking no way am i going to let them do that. So we walk up to them and they are like oh we dont speak english. so the classic gringo response oh esta bien hablamos espanol. Que quiere que hagamos? Thats always fun to see their expression. So they lady gives me the knife thing and asks if i know how to use it which as an outsider looking in guys in white shirts probably dont know how to work with yard tools but i was able to get all her work done in under 10 mins and then we had a lesson with her. I was pumped. I realized i missed yard work and working outside alot too. So we taught her and she was on of the people that came to church this sunday. We are also working with another family called the ninos family. They are all pretty cool. We went to a funeral type thing with them this last bit which was really cool to be able to help them out there. They are super poor and they treat us with alot of respect. THey have been catholics their whole lives but i think thats about too change. We play soccer with their kids satrudays. One of the kids names is Gustavo but his nickname is la chiva. He teaches us how to play soccer. Im getting to be a pretty good goalie. But we are working hard with them and making a big change here in zapata this transfer everything just seems to feel different this transfer with all the people that we are meeting and helping. we are just getting recieved a bit more warmly. We are invited to barbeques and quinceanaras and things like that. Love you mom your prayers are being answered. Love, Elder Hatfield

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