Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 15, 2015

So its been a busy week. We have been all over. And i had a great time with one of my past companions on an exchange at the beginning of the week. He was one of my favorites so it was great to work with him one last time before he goes back home. It was also wierd working in the city. Alot of people in the city. The work is alot different than it is in any of my past areas. Also this week we had a great sunday. We didnt have all the people we could have had at the church but we did have a fair amount of people. But what was so cool was what happened during the service. We were able to have one of our recently reactivated kids play the piano for sacrament. It was awesome. He has been coming back to church and actually the first time that i talked to him he wouldnt talk to us but something has changed and he is really turning his life around. He has been taking piano lessons and has learned how to play a song so this sunday we started the meeting and had the sacrament and he still wasnt at church. so i was kinda sad because we started to sing the song that he was supposed to play. And another side note. Ive been working with this family since i have been here and ive never seen their Mom at church But just as of latley she showed us some desires to come to church. So as we started to sing we made it through the first two verses and then they walk in. So one of the senior missionaries silences the music and has this kid come and take the spot at the piano and finish the song. It was awesome. He played perfectly and his mom was there to hear him play. Probably not church protocol but when we are like we are down here we kinda do what we want. So it was a succesful sunday in my eyes. We have been working with a few people and things. We are starting to see a bit of opposition from other churches it seems but thats how it is so just keep doing the best we can. Something has got to give eventually and i know its not us. Lots of love, Elder Hatfield This week has been alot of fun as i put in my email to mom but even more my testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith is constantly growing and strengthening. Id be lying if i didnt say that i would love to be able to talke with him for even just 20 minutes. Just learn from his example. Such a great man. In the ensign they are writing about the prophet and his story by Matthew Holland and its great. Also this week we saw a magazine of anti material against Joseph Smith. It is definitely a prophecy being fulfilled today of that prophecy given by Moroni that his name would be for good and bad by all nations. The hatred that some have against such a man is so unprecedented and the only other comparison is with the savior Jesus Christ and how people rejected and hated him. Satan is very good at what he does. It has always been easier to destroy than to build and create. Maybe thats why we are in the creation and building side. Seems like Hatfield dont always do it the easy way. Ive been hard pressed out here its been great though. Im coming to realize that im definitely in one of the hardest areas. But im sure that it is one of the most rewarding as well. Any success or failure can be solidly placed on our heads. We are the church here. and Only God would trust a bunch of 18, 19, and 20 year old boys to come out here and teach the gospel but ive been so impressed with the wisdom and patience and everything that God blesses us with. I have changed alot here. And i can only hope and pray that I have helped others to make changes in their own lives as well. Im doing really well. Having lots of fun. We had a four day english fast so that was fun. Fasting from english and only speaking spanish. Feels wierd to speak english afterwards. Hope you have a great week at home and with work. And Enjoy those bike rides! Ill see what i can do to enjoy ours haha

June 8, 2015

Im doing good. We got alot to do this next while. President Maluenda has given us a deadline for the Zapata branch. Its going to be alot of work but I think we are up to the challenge. Just hope that we can make the members ready because its going to happen. WE have been focusing alot on the priesthood. I didnt realize how important the priesthood is coming from an area that has plenty of active priesthood holders and a home where the father is actively engaged in his church calling. I never really realized how important the priesthood is. Im doing good healthwise as well. Im weighing in at 185 pounds. 6 foot. So im in really good shape. Been able to keep myself pretty healthy out here. The strongs and shumways left for a few days so i felt kind of like mckade and Dad. Our 'Parents' were gone for a week. One went to a grandsons wedding and the other had their fiftieth anniversary. Not too much else going on. But its going great. Lots of love, Elder Hatfield p.s. aloe vera fresh from the plant doesn't taste too good. Its been a busy week. I can say with ease that the mission is the hardest thing ive done in my life so far. Especially with the areas ive been serving in. I dont think there is 2 harder areas. But i guess thats what im good at. Working good with next to nothing. I havent been in a real church building for a sacrament meeting in over a year. Its kinda wierd haha. By real church i mean an LDS building. Not something the church has been renting out. I got hit with that thought this week. We had a meeting this sunday with the Laredo district presidency and President Maluenda. We got a pretty hefty weight put on our shoulders. Zapata needs to be an independent branch by september so that Laredo can become a stake. Made me think of you and your deadlines and expectations at work. While im not as qualified as you are God has invested alot in me and in us here. I feel like im in the refiners fire out here. Physically and emotionally. Its starting to heat up out here. Makes the bikes alot more fun ;) also when people say they cant make it to church and stuff we can get a good chuckle out of their poor excuses. Lots of great blessings here to go and get. Ive been studying a bit about the priesthood and the twelve apostles have said that the strength of the church depends on the strenght of the priesthood. Its so very true because until these men can step up their game and get the priesthood all those faithful women and children cant recieve the blessings they deserve. There is alot of sins of omission that people will have to suffer if they dont repent. Hope everything is going great up there. And i hope you survived without mom. Trust me. Its not that easy. She spoils us. Love you guys so much, Elder Hatfield

Monday, June 1, 2015

Dad's email for June 1, 2015

I dont know what it is but i am pretty sure the Lord has put me in some of the hardest areas. I dont want to sound like im complaining. Im grateful that the Lord trusts me with such heated battlegrounds in the work. Satan has had zapata in his clutches for a long time. And he isnt parting with it easily. I realized how much of a blessing it is to have members help in the work. This week i was able to work with a new missionary in an area up in laredo. It was completley different for me. Big houses, White people, English. So i decided to just keep working as hard as i normally did. And through one of the members we found a couple and the husband(they were married) Was extremely accepting of the gospel. He had hundreds of questions and was willing to do anything that we told him he needed to do to join the church. As i got back i realized that as the church is stronger the effects of satan on zapata will be weakened. So as we get a temple here in the valley his influence will be weakened and it will be amazing. So thats what i had come to me this week. The ground is rocky but just need to plow it first. Love you and everything is going well. Love, Elder Hatfield

Mom's email for June 1, 2015

Mom, The shirts are great. they fit alot better than the other ones. And saying that they fit fine but were for people with a bit bigger waist than i had i think. THese fitted ones are great. Also the work in zapata is going well. We are doing alot of great things and a new program is going to be instituted which i am a big fan of. We are gong to be focusing more on giving service to people. Which will be awesome because people will really be able to see us in the community and all the things that we are here to do to help the people out in the best way. We are really looking for good investigators and people that are a bit higher up in the community to go and help them come to the gospel. It will be a bit hard but we need men. We need guys who are willing to actually play an active part in their family. We have been calling alot of people to repentance making it very clear that they are sinning and if they dont change they are going to pay consequences and if they want to make a change they have to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. And if they dont then God will hold them guilty for not doing so. We are tired of guys who drag their families down. We need real men. It makes me think alot about what kind of father i want to be when i Have my own family. Im also grateful beyond measure of the example that Dad has set for me. We have alot of poor excuses of fathers here and they ruin the lives of thier families. They will be held accountable for their sins at the last day. On a happier subject we are working hard and we are healthy. The summer is going to be alot of fun out here! Lots of great things to come. July is going to be the warmest month i am told so got to get used to it now while i can. Biking in the heat is just my favorite. Its wierd. One of my good friends here in the mission just got engaged and everything. I helped him plan his first date and everything and now he is getting married. Its so wierd. Well ill talk next week. Love you guys, Elder Hatfield