Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 8, 2015

Im doing good. We got alot to do this next while. President Maluenda has given us a deadline for the Zapata branch. Its going to be alot of work but I think we are up to the challenge. Just hope that we can make the members ready because its going to happen. WE have been focusing alot on the priesthood. I didnt realize how important the priesthood is coming from an area that has plenty of active priesthood holders and a home where the father is actively engaged in his church calling. I never really realized how important the priesthood is. Im doing good healthwise as well. Im weighing in at 185 pounds. 6 foot. So im in really good shape. Been able to keep myself pretty healthy out here. The strongs and shumways left for a few days so i felt kind of like mckade and Dad. Our 'Parents' were gone for a week. One went to a grandsons wedding and the other had their fiftieth anniversary. Not too much else going on. But its going great. Lots of love, Elder Hatfield p.s. aloe vera fresh from the plant doesn't taste too good. Its been a busy week. I can say with ease that the mission is the hardest thing ive done in my life so far. Especially with the areas ive been serving in. I dont think there is 2 harder areas. But i guess thats what im good at. Working good with next to nothing. I havent been in a real church building for a sacrament meeting in over a year. Its kinda wierd haha. By real church i mean an LDS building. Not something the church has been renting out. I got hit with that thought this week. We had a meeting this sunday with the Laredo district presidency and President Maluenda. We got a pretty hefty weight put on our shoulders. Zapata needs to be an independent branch by september so that Laredo can become a stake. Made me think of you and your deadlines and expectations at work. While im not as qualified as you are God has invested alot in me and in us here. I feel like im in the refiners fire out here. Physically and emotionally. Its starting to heat up out here. Makes the bikes alot more fun ;) also when people say they cant make it to church and stuff we can get a good chuckle out of their poor excuses. Lots of great blessings here to go and get. Ive been studying a bit about the priesthood and the twelve apostles have said that the strength of the church depends on the strenght of the priesthood. Its so very true because until these men can step up their game and get the priesthood all those faithful women and children cant recieve the blessings they deserve. There is alot of sins of omission that people will have to suffer if they dont repent. Hope everything is going great up there. And i hope you survived without mom. Trust me. Its not that easy. She spoils us. Love you guys so much, Elder Hatfield

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