Monday, June 1, 2015

Mom's email for June 1, 2015

Mom, The shirts are great. they fit alot better than the other ones. And saying that they fit fine but were for people with a bit bigger waist than i had i think. THese fitted ones are great. Also the work in zapata is going well. We are doing alot of great things and a new program is going to be instituted which i am a big fan of. We are gong to be focusing more on giving service to people. Which will be awesome because people will really be able to see us in the community and all the things that we are here to do to help the people out in the best way. We are really looking for good investigators and people that are a bit higher up in the community to go and help them come to the gospel. It will be a bit hard but we need men. We need guys who are willing to actually play an active part in their family. We have been calling alot of people to repentance making it very clear that they are sinning and if they dont change they are going to pay consequences and if they want to make a change they have to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. And if they dont then God will hold them guilty for not doing so. We are tired of guys who drag their families down. We need real men. It makes me think alot about what kind of father i want to be when i Have my own family. Im also grateful beyond measure of the example that Dad has set for me. We have alot of poor excuses of fathers here and they ruin the lives of thier families. They will be held accountable for their sins at the last day. On a happier subject we are working hard and we are healthy. The summer is going to be alot of fun out here! Lots of great things to come. July is going to be the warmest month i am told so got to get used to it now while i can. Biking in the heat is just my favorite. Its wierd. One of my good friends here in the mission just got engaged and everything. I helped him plan his first date and everything and now he is getting married. Its so wierd. Well ill talk next week. Love you guys, Elder Hatfield

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