Monday, June 1, 2015

Dad's email for June 1, 2015

I dont know what it is but i am pretty sure the Lord has put me in some of the hardest areas. I dont want to sound like im complaining. Im grateful that the Lord trusts me with such heated battlegrounds in the work. Satan has had zapata in his clutches for a long time. And he isnt parting with it easily. I realized how much of a blessing it is to have members help in the work. This week i was able to work with a new missionary in an area up in laredo. It was completley different for me. Big houses, White people, English. So i decided to just keep working as hard as i normally did. And through one of the members we found a couple and the husband(they were married) Was extremely accepting of the gospel. He had hundreds of questions and was willing to do anything that we told him he needed to do to join the church. As i got back i realized that as the church is stronger the effects of satan on zapata will be weakened. So as we get a temple here in the valley his influence will be weakened and it will be amazing. So thats what i had come to me this week. The ground is rocky but just need to plow it first. Love you and everything is going well. Love, Elder Hatfield

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