Tuesday, July 21, 2015

June 22, 2015

Yeah we had a zone conference. It was really good. Every meeting I am able to attend with President Maluenda is really neat. He is a very inspired man. So this week was really good. At the conference i was able to see Elder Avila again and talk with him. He saw a few of the people that we worked with in roma go on a mini mission. It was really cool to hear about that and find out about a few of the people that we have worked so hard to help. I love it when people let the gospel in to change their lives completely. Their is nothing that brings a missionary greater joy than that. We are really blessed out here. Miss you guys. Send me some pics of Caleb and Shelby's Wedding. Tell them i say Hi as well. Lots of love, Elder Hatfield Well It has been a busy week. Ive wagered my salvation on the Book of Mormon a few times this week. If people would just read it haha. So a few miracles this week. One we gave a blessing to a grandson of a part member family. That was an extremely spiritual moment. in which we were able to bless the whole family. I was also able to bear testimony very firmly that the heavens are not closed. We have the priesthood and can participate and have available the same blessings today as were available in the days of Jesus Christ. That foundation of Prophets and Apostles is still existent. And its for us to take advantage of. They ended up coming to church and i spoke that Sunday. Needless to say the spirit wanted me to adjust my talk. I didnt read the talk that i had written before. We then had a lesson with them and explained the restoration. It was really cool. She has recieved a few spiritual confirmations. She is also a very smart and capable individual. When she becomes a member we are going to put her to work. we have been praying and fasting for a family that will really strengthen us here. Well enough about Zapata. I want to say HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!! My focus and appreciation for families has grown so much this past year. I am so grateful that i have been raised in the family that i have. Your example of a Father is a model i plan to follow.(Only the good things of course;) To have a father back home who i know is praying for me and proud of what i am doing makes the mission just that much better. There is no equivalent to a Father who is actively engaged in the family. You have met that standard and more. And i plan on a life full of interactions together after the mission. There is a talk that i listen too alot out here. it has become one of my favorites. It talks about fathers and men. Ill send you a link. Well I want to say thanks again. Im Glad that im able to be your son. And as we follow the example of our father in Heaven we wont just be father and son in this life. The great blessings of the Gospel are meant to be shared. So thats what im out here offering. Love you! Happy late fathers Day!

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