Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New District Leader July 6, 2015

Thanks! Just another load of bricks;) But thats what Hatfields do. We work best under stress. The more weight the better. So a pretty lame 4th of July. But we did get pizza and rootbeer floats. I felt american for a brief period of time. Which was great. so the new responsibilites are alot of Fun. Training a new missionary and leading a district. and Im going to be in the branch presidency and the branch mission leader. I will have a few callings. Its great though. I love every moment of it. I can focus all my time and energy on building the Kingdom. THere is no other time where i will be able to do it. All my time. Its a very special opportunity i have been blessed with. I just hope that i can live up to the expectations that are placed before me. So we are working with Joe and Jessy. They have come to church a few times. WE are hoping to get them married and then baptized. So thats what we are working on right now. We have a mission challenge of finding people so lets see what we can do with me and my greenie. We need to beat the other elders at least haha. Hope you have a fantastic day! Lots of love, Elder Hatfield Its been a pretty crazy week. Its hard to think a week ago i was in Mcallen with president saying your going to be a district leader and a trainer. That is a very rare thing. So here i am out in zapata. I remember looking at out ward boundaries in ohio and was thinking wow. My dad has alot of people he is in charge of. So here i am and while it isnt as much its alot. Im really learning to appreciate the atonement. Its been a great week. With teaching and finding people. WE have a finding focus this next week. so im going to see how i can help the district find people in there area. I always appreciate the spiritual nature of your E mails. Its nice keeps me focused on the day. I was reading in Alma 17 this morning and I learned alot from the first part of the chapter. It helps remind me about when i was called to be a missionary. And while i havent exactly served in the most bountiful areas i have been able to serve in areas that are really in need of help. Thank you for your example and the help you have given me. Im looking forward to that bike. So far mine is starting to get pretty beat up. Roads aren't exactly the best out here. Have a great week! Love, Elder Hatfield

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