Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 20, 2015

I keep thinking the mission isnt very long. It doesnt feel like that much time has passed but when i think about how much has changed back home i cant believe it. Life is going to be so different when i get home. I wasnt too shocked with Grandpa lowe. Im glad he is in a better place now. Another Faithful servant returning home. I think the suffering at the end of this life is just the final bits of refinement that we need to be ready fort the next life. We are progressing out here. We have a few solid people that are preparing for baptism. I have alot of faith in them. I have been very impressed with their progress. I didnt think they were going to make it but we just had a powerful lesson and everything just clicked for them. The lord touches hearts and changes those who truly love him. Best wishes for the young couple. Thats wierd. But as long as he is happy. Just hope Mckade wasnt too goofy at the wedding. It looks really pretty! where was it done? dont know when ill have to think about those things haha. Lots of love, El mero mero Elder Hatfield Im doing fantastic. And off of medication im doing great. no worries there. And as far as the mission is going its amazing. I dont need anything in fact ill be sending some stuff home. i got too much stuff haha. (the battery in the watch died so ill just send it back to you) and some other things that i picked up. And thats wierd about sydney! i know a few people from vegas in the mission so if you let me know who i can ask around haha. And thats alot of people going out on missions. And that means that ill have some time with mckade before he goes out so that will be alot of fun! And from the looks of things out here we are looking to baptize on sunday and have a marriage this week. Im super happy for Caleb and SHelby as well. Its going super good out here in the mission. We had alot of cool miracles this week with the people. WE saw a member that i havent been able to make contact with for the first time in about 5 months. SO that was good. We gave her a blessing and we also gave a blessing to another woman who will soon be an investigator. Also Joe and Jessy the couple we are helping get married so she can be baptized is sharing the gospel with so many people. They are going to be a huge help with the work out here. they already have strong testimonies and everything. ITs going to be awesome. We are also looking to baptize in august. Got some cool people who will be ready by then. But im doing great. Lots of love, Elder Hatfield P.s. We got the church on our backs

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