Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Email for June 29, 2015

So we will find out about transfers tonight. I have received a little bit of information about next transfer. I was told that im going to be a District leader this next transfer and a trainer as well. The lord has put a weight on my shoulders for this next transfer. Ill be growing alot out here. A really cool part of it was being able to see Elder Avila again. He is an AP and he goes home this week. But he was able to give me the call to be a District Leader. It was pretty cool. Full circle for him. So i will be a bit busy this next transfer. I dont know where im going yet or if im going at all but that im going to be a bit more busy than before. Thats really cool about Jeff. Tell him to E-mail me or something before he goes. Id like to talk to him. So thats how it goes in the mission. Lets see what this transfer brings. This week has been a little insane. Ill just list it out. 1. I was called to be a district leader 2. I was called to be a trainer 3. I spoke for the second sunday in a row 4. Diana one of my converts went less active but i saw her on our way through roma from the district leader meeting, she talked with the branch presidente and is getting back on track because she read the notes that me and Elder Avila left her before we left. 5. 3 of my companions go home this transfer 6. Im not as young as i used to be in the mission. It was a really exciting week. Luckily im not the most excitable person in the world so the stress and anxiety didnt get to me too bad. So the cherry on top for me was seeing Elder Avila again. I really learned to Love him. He has been my favorite companion up till now. Mostly because of the hard things we did together. and to be able to see him at the end is very cool. He is an AP and so he got dibs to give me the call to go to mcallen to be a district leader trainer. I dont know where im going to be still. But i know the Lord is going to test me this transfer. I think i might rethink praying for experiences that will help me grow;) So good week so far i would say. Alot of great experiences. Im really enjoying it out here and i would love to stay in Zapata but we will find out. Lots of love, Elder Hatfield

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