Monday, January 26, 2015

Elder Hatfield loves Zapata, Texas! Jan.26, 2015

Zapata is really cool. Lots of cool people and alot more receptive to the gospel than Roma was. Its similiar environmentally to roma. Low income , dogs, dirty, bad roads, and crazy people. Its great. We are working with alot of cool people and yeah my comp is from Utah. Spanish fork actually. I got some pics for you that im sending after this email. But I guess just keep going strong. Im having alot of fun out here. Its hard but its alot of fun. learning alot and progressing so much. Im good on just about everything so no worries there. I kept some shirts and stuff so im good on those too. Pants and shoes are still doing good. And even if i needed new stuff id rather you just send money but i still have a bunch so no worries there. Love you guys! Elder Hatfield Dad, The meeting with Oaks was great. He had alot of notes and then he thought about it and then shut his book and said that we are a good group and he can feel the spirit with us so he went the last half hour off the spirit and asking our opinions and things. it was really cool. He talked alot about receiving and recognizing revelation. He said it comes more likely in the mornings when we are well rested. Like with Joseph Smith. In dreams. When we underline scriptures thats revelation. All sorts of little things that just make it so clear. WE have been busy and we sent a proposal to president maluenda about our area and getting some more authority to do things because the branch president that we are under lives in laredo and he doesnt really care. He just likes the numbers that we give him. So thats how it goes. Cool story you can share about tithing. We have a sister in our area called sister Moreno. She was one of the original members before the church closed down here. Well the church was closed over 7 years here and when it reopened she came to the missionaries with two huge cans of coffee. and they were thinking uh ooh. Well turns out it was her tithing for all of that time. The missionaries counted it out to send up to laredo and it took about 3 hours to count it all but she had over 300 dollars in tithing that she had been saving up to say she is a full tithe payer. That was a cool experience for me and a story i plan on using. The lords hand is in the work here. its great. Lots of love!

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