Monday, January 12, 2015

Dad, wish i could tell you with transfers but we still dont know anything. But i feel like im leaving as well. This is a long time to stay in an area. And dont get me started on the whole struggling without mom. Ive been surviving off of beans and tortillas and the generosity of the hispanic people(AKA im actually doing pretty good) THis has been a difficult transfer. we have worked with alot of people who for one reason or another chose to use their agency poorly. We are focusing hard on our members to get testimonies. To really get converted. Member work is amazing. And it is the only way this area is going to progress. I hope my service here has really helped the area. The sweat and tears that i have shed here(and in a few occasions a bit of blood) all of my companions have said this is the hardest area they have served in. I guess God needs a chisel and hammer to help shape me and teach me lessons. My patience has grown so much here. Acting rashly and letting others get to me has been refined here. To be my own person who acts from a drive within and not solely from outside influences. Its a skill that has been grown here. Im sure there are alot of other reasons for my time here but i dont know them all now. Thanks for the support you give my mom. And the support with mckade and tate. your example will take them places. It has carried me so far in my mission. I see fathers everyday who are unfaithful to their families and who lie and dont cherish the gifts that god has dropped at their feet. The broken homes and the fact of parenthood at the age of 15 and up as a common thing. I am so blessed to have had the life i have had. and to know the people i know and the experience i have to know that this isnt life. I love you guys and im grateful for you all. Ill let you know about transfers when i know. Love, Elder Hatfield Mom, Yeah transfers are tomorrow but we still dont know anything about it so you will probably find out from kenia if i leave or stay. But yeah wether i stay or leave im ready. It was great to talk with Jay. She definitely helped me out. She is a great example for all of us. Thank you mom for all that you do. It hasnt been exactly easy but thats not what we came here for. we knew it was going to be hard and that the trials that come in life would hurt but we cant grow without trial. we wont become any stronger or better if we just sit around. I know you are a strength to the family right now. And i pray that she passes on too. Henry B. Eyering talked about his mothers funeral and the prophet Spencer W. Kimball talked at her funeral and she had suffered for a few months before she passed away and he said. Her suffering wasnt for a sin or anything she had done in her life it was because God wanted her a bit more polished before she came home. So Jay is just getting polished and ready for life in perfection. Thanks mom for all that you do for us. You truly are a living example of service and charity. Charity is the pure love of Christ. Thank you for that example. I am learning how blessed i am for the life i have and the family i have. Families down here are broken and shattered and most people are too broken to act on the gospel its sad we have the key to their happiness and we are trying to help them open the door but they throw it away. But just like anything if you want to succeed you try and try and try again. Because if they dont understand how important it is at least we do. I know this church is true and even though its hard to be away in this difficult time that my service is a blessing to you and for that i am so grateful. I love you so much mom Love Elder Hatfield

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