Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Email from January 5, 2015

We have had a hard last couple of weeks and our poor Brayden has been taking the news of his Aunt Janae having cancer hard. He has sent some sweet letters regarding his Aunt. Ill probably call tonight but ill talk to the mission president first to see what he wants me to do exactly. Im grateful for your prayers on my behalf and i know that She is going to a better place. I dont have alot of time to talk now but Im keeping you guys all in my prayers and i know that all of these things happen for a reason and will all eventually be for our good. I love you guys alot and i wish i could be there to help you guys out but im needed here and i ask you to not worry about me. Ill just work even harder to keep my mind busy. I love you all Love Your son, Elder Brayden Hatfield This was a pretty good week. Im just throwing myself at the work to help out. but its going great here. We are focusing alot on helping our members get a stronger testimony. Its slower than i would like but little by little they are getting there. The work is going great out here and we are seeing some good success in the branch. We are finally getting some coordination going with a meeting we have today we are going to bring some good things to the table. I want the branch doing things too because I feel like the missionaries are the branch presidency out here as well. THis week i also was blessed to attend the funeral of one of our members. She was a sweet old lady that we brought the sacrament to each week. She passed away the 31st of december and i spoke a bit at her funeral. Its sad that there are alot of people who dont have the same hope that we have when it comes to life after death. Dont worry about me. I know very well where Jay is going and it just means i got to put the shoulder to the wheel and push along. Love you dad, Elder Hatfield

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