Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Feb. 2, 2015 Emails from Elder Hatfield- from Zapata Twig!!

Dad, Thanks a ton for your guys's prayers and help. We have been doing really well here. But a few people to pray for and a brief explanation would be Marisol- An investigator who just had her troubled son return and well he is not exactly a good influence or example. Ive never seen anyone embrace evil as he has. Ruben- On probation until august and so ready to be baptized. already considers himself a member. Jorge and morelia- Not married but want to learn more and get baptized. We are teaching them the commandments this week. And a big old prayer for the zapata twig. we need it. We are doing really well though. we find new less actives weekly. I love you. Its been a good test out here. Im learning alot about patience with people and humility. Pride is one of my big weeknesses. \ Another cool experience. I went through my patriarchal blessing and Took all the commitments and advice and then the promised blessings if i fulfill the commitment. It really helped me to see alot about gods plan for me. I love you and i pray for you. Thanks for all you do! Love, Elder Hatfield Mom, Its been alot of fun out here. Not alot of new things going on but the work is progressing and im doing really well. Im sorry to hear about all thats going on out there. SHeeesh. Sounds like you and Cort have your hands full with everyone. But your example of love and service is really special. I dont think you realize how big of an impact you have on our lives and the lives of others. you never really know who is watching. So we are working with a few people. And one of them is Marisol. Her troubled son just got home and he is just a waste of life. He beats up his mom and his little 8 year old brother. plays filth on the T.V. all day long and smokes all over in the house. Just a big turd. But if you can keep them in your prayers. She really needs our help right now. We are working right now on getting some leadership down here in the branch and its a big pain because nobody is really communicating with us. Its a big effort to try and get everything up and running right now. We are doing a whole lot of things as best as we can but until we get some authority in here there isnt too much we can do. Other than that im healthy and doing well. im actually trying to get into good shape down here and get excising while i can. Those flour tortillas get to you haha.Well ill be down here. Ill be keeping you all in my prayers. I love you! Love, Elder Hatfield

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