Monday, February 23, 2015

February 16, 2015 Zapata, TX

Im grieved and relieved to hear that she has passed on to a new and better life. She has set an example that we need to follow. I do wish that i could be there today but Im where i need to be. I know the service will be great and that she will be so blessed in her new life. Now its our turn to live life so that we can meet with her after this life. I didnt get the package yet but ill be down to the mission office today for a baptism so ill see if its there. And no the person backed out last minute. But we are planning for this week to come. This has been a hard month for the mission we havent been doing very well with baptisms this month. So we are trying to fight through it. we have a big key to play down here in zapata so we have alot of pressure on us to reach our goal. Elder Perkins just got called to go be a district leader so ill be helping him the next little bit. He is pretty nervous so ill help him learn his responsibility(i have been companions with a district leader for awhile now) But with all these trials and challenges here thats why im here. Im thriving on it. Lots of troubles and challenges. Parents not letting us teach their children, children ruining the lives of their family with verbal and emotional abuse, people lying to us over and over again but thats why we are down here. To get things done. I love you guys alot and as far as shoppig and things we do it all in Laredo. THere are little stores here but they dont have much and they are expensive. We have a mall here so before having you buy me stuff id rather you send me money but i still have money on my account so ill be good. I love you guys and i wont be there but ill be there in spirit. Tell everyone I say Hi. I love you!

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