Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 Letter

Hola everyone! My tex mes es creciendo and getting mejor cada day! Im getting pretty tan out here and its been alot of fun doing this work. I love the environment. its pretty ghetto and like a dessert out here. We have alot of potential in our branch and we are growing it every day. One of the coolest members i ever met just got called to be the mission leader. it should be awesome! He comes with us all the times to lessons and he has an amazing testimony. The people down here have to deal with alot. the adversary has made a pretty strong foothold here but we are slowly chiseling it away. The work is progressing and the people we are finding are more and more prepared to listen to our message. Im getting a bit better at the language and it is hard alot of times to understand people but ive been able to learn alot and grow up. Its funny because i look at alot of stuff i did or kids our here my age and they have kids and are making alot of bad choices and im realizing im so not ready to be a dad or anything like that. And im alot more mature than they are. Its a bit sad to see all the things that people have to deal with down here. but thats why we are here. we find the problems and help people change who they are. Im going to be getting a new comp so pray that he is easy to get along with ;) haha but i wouldnt want to be anywhere else. I love this work and i wouldnt change any of it for a second. Love, Elder hatfield

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