Monday, August 4, 2014

Letter from August 4, 2014

Pretty short emails this week! Elder Hatfield must be busy! Hey mom! Thanks for being so awesome! and poor tate i got a few pics that should make you guys laugh haha. So its been good down here alot of changes! my companion is elder Avila and he is from utah. its all going super well here and the work is progressing. our area got changed alot so its all new. basically our area is like from our house to the church in size. its a bit crazy. haha yeah speaking of changes... my comp left so im in charge of a huge area. take everything from my house to the church it takes about 25 mins to get from our apartment to the church and on top of that is the changes of having 4 more missionaries come into our area. its a bit crazy haha. all the areas were changed and we lost every investigator so we are starting from scratch. and dont worry about the heat it was 87 the other day and that was super nice! I love you mom. Love, Elder Hatfield

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