Monday, August 25, 2014

August 24, 2014 Letter

howdy yall or ustedes! la obra misional esta progresando con animo. Los misioneros en la gran zona de rio son muy bien misioneros y tambien hay muchas milagros que podemos ver en este obra. La rama va a ser un barrio en algunos meses. So as far as miracles go ive seen just a few this week. We had a girl we didnt think was going to church outside with her family all ready to go when her ride came, We answered a mans prayer and we are teaching him and his wife now, and we found a guy Saturday night and brought him to church next day and he wants to get baptized next week. But thats just a few to say the least. and as far as other cool things go i ate a rabit with my tortillas the other day. really good and i had a dead chicken throw up on my nice pants. But other than that its been a really easy going week as far as easygoing goes in the mission of the mcallen texas mission. We are being led by truly inspired leadership and the lord knows exactly what he wants from us in his work. We just got to keep in mind that it is HIS work. not ours. The scriptures have come alive for me like never before and im understanding them like never before as well even though im reading them in spanish haha. Im beginning to get some real desires to help and do this work. The Lord knows exactly what we need and when we need it. But as far as all that i couldnt be any happier. I love all of you guys! and take care! Love, Elder Hatfield

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