Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Still in Roma, Texas... Sept. 2, 2014 email

I am wondering why most missionaries send home sweet pictures of themselves but my Brayden likes to send pics of dogs and dead chickens?? LOL!!! Howdy yall! fun week. I had some fresh chicken that was dead about 30 minutes before he was in my tostada and got to do some pretty cool stuff overall. Still dont really have the hang of missionary work but im getting better and just having lots of fun overall. Still learning the language its kicking my butt a bit but im glad to hear that everyone is doing so good back home. it sounds llike everyone is growing up and moving on so fast. Ive learned to make a few different types of mexican dishes and i dont mind saying im getting to be a pretty good chef. We had over 85 people in our branch this sunday and my first sunday in this area we had almost 40 so we have pretty much doubled it. The work is progressing so fast its crazy. Im glad i was called to work here. Im learning so much and i wouldnt trade what ive learned about the savior and his teachings. Ive learned really well this last week to be as children. So far on my mission I have seen how special spirits children really are. so if we all want an example look to the little ones. They are there as our example. You guys take care and chambiar. Love, Elder Hatfield

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