Monday, September 15, 2014

Sept. 15, 2014

HOWDY YALL, Things are going great down here. A lot of good things are coming to pass! THe branch is growing really fast and we will be a ward real soon. There are a lot of great people down here and im really beginning to understand them and be able to talk. ITs weird I didn't change anything really just my desire to learn the language grew I guess but its just clicking and sticking now and its great. I translated the services this sunday and did really good as compared to the times in the past. Also this week it rained and flooded our area and was awesome. We went on bike and there was a few spots where the water covered our shoes through the whole pedal rotation. It was awesome until you hit a pothole 2 ft underwater haha. People thought we were crazy but at least now they can see how much we love what we do. you guys take care and have fun up there. Love, Elder Hatfield

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