Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 Email...

Hey from el sur de tejas, Todo esta bien en este parte del reino. we are doing great and we had a really good week to build us up and get us pumped for the week ahead. We had zone conference and stake conference and the temple was really focused on. I want to challenge you guys to see if we can get a temple announced in the texas McAllen mission before you get one announced back in Ohio. I think we might be able to do it. Just need to convince to get a temple recommend that they cant use until we get a temple. we are having a ton of fun down here with all of the work that is going on. There are so many people who are just growing in their faith and testimony. Its a bit crazy the growth we are seeing. We just hope the members can keep up with us haha. The members here are amazing they sacrifice a lot and they give to us even when they don't have anything for themselves. If you want some food really bad just tell one of the hermanas and they will cook you more food than you can handle. And I can eat a lot of food. Probably more than I was able too before. I feel like I will probably gain a bit of weight out here haha. I need it. Well no huge things happened this week. Just the normal for south texas I think. Not too normal but whatever. Well you guys take care and im keeping you in my prayers. Love, Elder Hatfield

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