Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014 Letter from Roma, TX

Howdy Yall from down south, The mexican border is looking fine but apparently ours looks better because they keep trying to come over here haha. Well its been a good week so far. We have found alot of really cool people that i hope make the right choice and use their agency correctly. We are working hard and sometimes it feels like i just closed my eyes when i go to bed and wake up because i feel the same as i did the night before. tired, exhausted, and ready for more. Im learning alot out here and im falling in love with basic simple principles because we arent really ready to learn anything deeper. we havent mastered the basics yet. For about 3 months i wasnt getting alot out of personal study because we have been asked to read the scriptures in spanish. so ive been just reading and being confused and not learning alot. but its starting to click a bit more and i can understand most of what its saying. its kinda cool haha. and the other day we were at a restauraunt and a lady asked me a question so i answered in english and she didnt understand so i began explaining in spanish and she got even more confused. it was pretty funny. Well the branch is growing and the members are awesome. We have a guy Named JR. and he is the ward mission leader and that man has a powerfull testimony. basically his world fell apart and he finally prayed for help and he went outside and met the missionaries. and this week in our district a guy was found who is very wealthy. well he died for 3 minutes from a heart attack and he said he talked with god and god told him that he would find the truth and that once he did he needed to give his fortune away. Well not to long after the missionaries met him. He asked them questions straight from the 17 points of the true church and they answered it all and then he said well what do i need to do to join. he is volunteering to pay for our branch presidents heart and leg surgery so he can walk again and everything in cash. Its a huge miracle. So everything is going great and the work is progressing. Love you guys. and always remember the best way to chase a dog away is to kick it or hit it with a rock. and dont touch the cute cactus flowers they have thousands of tiny little needles that you cant take out. FYI. Love, Elder Hatfield

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