Monday, July 14, 2014

Elder Hatfield's July 14, 2014 Letter!

HOWDY YALL! COMO ESTADO! This has been a great week out here. Ive gained alot of experience in a measly seven days. Ive been humbled, watched one of the beauties of this part of the states and got to talk to the great example that we have out here. So this week we went on exchanges and on exchanges i was able to go with the DL to work for the day. well i was on another elders bike(first mistake) and i went with him to go and help in his area. so we talked to alot of people and i got to see a bearded mexican lady(not nearly as glamorous as it sounds) and she told us she was catholic as usual but we talked about the church for a while. nice lady over all. well when we left my back tire fell off. so i put it back on and we went on our way. And i want to say that to start the day i told the DL he would never see me walk my bike up a hill. well i cursed my self from the get-go. so we went to a few other lessons and it fell of again. well i was a bit frustrated this time but i let it go and we set off again. well towards then end of the day it fell of a third and final time. well i was done with that so i threw the bike on my shoulders and carried it the mile or two back to the truck. with the DL laughing the whole time. Basically the lord said Elder Hatfield needs to be a bit more humble. Ive since learned two important lessons. ride my own bike and dont be stupid and pridefull. the next thing was one of the beauties of south texas. we went to the lookout into mexico and as we were there we saw a bunch of people playing in the river. well i waved to some kids who waved back and called us gringos. and it was pretty funny. as the sun slowly started to set we saw something absolutely amazing. A border crossing... We watched them get the boat out of the truck. put it in the water and scan with binoculars. they looked at us and we waved. then they began the perilous journey of over 30 yds to get to the other side. they swam and pushed the boat but they made it! as they crossed into the land of promise we laughed and laughed. it was a memorable experience for sure. I want to tell you guys everything is great out here and im getting a new camera so expect pics. you guys all take care! Love, Elder Hatfield

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