Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 Chilly in TX!!

Well howdy yall. or Hola! Its been a cool week dropping to the ice cold 101-105 brrrrrr. We have an infestation of BP(border patrol) all over picking up aliens left and right. okay. not that crazy but there is alot of BP. Its been a fun week! we had interviews with The mission president and as scared as i was it was great! He forgot that for my first interview he was going to do it in English halfway through so i had to try to keep up with him haha. I dont even think he realized he did it at first. We found a new part of our area that has alot of potential. and we also went to a richer neighborhood and tracted. It felt wierd after tracting in ghetto areas all my mission. so we went back to the ghetto and i felt better. How weird is that? Well i have a hard time always thinking what to write when im here. maybe think of some questions for us. Im loving it down here. and i dont think id rather by doing any other work. even though its hard. i love it. we work hard cada day and dont go home till the district leader sings. you guys take care! Love, Elder Hatfield

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