Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pictures of Elder Hatfield's time in Mexico CCM

Brayden really enjoyed his time at the MTC in Mexico. He loved the mangoes and really picked up learning Spanish. Go figure he hated learning Spanish in school but liked it in the MTC! He was anxious after 6 weeks at the MTC to head to Texas and begin teaching! His companion in the MTC was Elder Pulsipher from Utah. Part of one of Brayden's letters from Mexico
"so i keep finding different bugs in our shower each morning because i wake up ten mins early to shower so we can be early to all our meetings and on my list so far is crickets, and these big spiders that crawl out of our drain which makes me glad that i have those shower sandals. anyways lots of fun stuff to do here and ive also fallen in love. she is so sweet and cute. she even has an exotic kind of name. i call her...mango. ive eaten probably 12 since last week which doesnt include mango juice thats in the gallons. haha anyways you can let everyone read this one. love you guys!" WIth lots of love, Elder Hatfield p.s. the ladies that clean our sheets and stuff gave me a hershey kiss because i already changed my sheets and stuff so good job mom! and in the picture from left to right is Elder Foote, Elder Randalph, Elder Pulsipher, Elder Studmuffin, Elder thorne, Hermana Orton, Elder Thompson,and Hermana coberly

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