Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Staying in Zapata and with Elder Perkins! March 3, 2015

Mom, Still in zapata with elder perkins. We are a district now which is really good. It helps alot. This week was pretty coolo in the fact that we pretty much just got to get back to work instead of doing the whole transfer thing. Its been pretty low key though. Not too much has been going on out here. just keep on working. Its been alot of fun to learn and do new things. I forgot my camera at the apartment but i got a picture of me welding. One of our converts dads let me weld a cage for him. it was really cool to learn how to do. So when i get home ill have to go weld some stuff haha. well not too much really happened this week. But its been alot of fun to just get out and work. We will have to see what new changes come this transfer. Love you alot! Elder Hatfield Dad, I saw that principle apply this week. We had a few cool experiences this week. One was the fact that we had a low turnout for church this week but even though it was testimony meeting every member bore testimony.(that couldnt happen back home haha) the next one is that with our recent converts dad we were able to build a relationship with him by getting into his interests. He is a tough biker looking guy who owns a few oil rigs. well i was the fist missionary he let do service for him. I welded a cage for him so i got to learn how to weld and serve this guy. it was pretty cool. Ill have to send the picture next week i forgot my camera. But it was alot of fun to just talk about his work and things. im learning alot about the oil fields. they are really popular out here for work. I got a cold a few days ago and wasnt feeling that great but when I went out to work i didnt have any symptoms or anything. i thought i was just going ot have to suffer through the day but i felt great once we got out and started working. it was really cool! Just some small miracles in the mission field. Good luck with your spring! Love Elder Hatfield

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