Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Brayden's email for March 16, 2015

Sometimes im not going to lie I feel like im just putting drops in the ocean. Its hard to see my influence helping others. But its always refreshing to know that you guys are always here for me and trust me. I know you guys have sacrificed a lot for me to be here. and im doing what I can to make the most of it. Its not easy. But never was made to be easy. There is a lot of youth out there in hiram moving on to bigger and better things. But they are going to be tried as well. As with everyone here I want to teach them and prepare them for what is to come but we have to let them learn on their own and help them as they fall down. Its hard to watch people struggle. but its worth it in the end if they let it become a strength. With Mckade im glad I was confident in saying that I have mentored him. I have had a lot of shortcoming and faults as an older brother and while my example is flawed at times im glad he felt that I helped him in his journey. Ive learned a lot of things on my mission and have passed through a lot of difficulties and made some hard choices but its only strengthened me. I want to thank you in turn for being my mentor. You have made a huge impact in my life and I cant thank you enough for what you have done. You all take care and keep sending your prayers my way. We need it here in Zapata. Love your son, Elder Hatfield

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