Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Email for March 23, 2015

Yeah its amazing what God can do when we ask. ive learned that for some blessings we have to ask. Well my problem is I don't like to ask for help haha. so its been a course in humility as well. But it has really helped in the mission. Trying to increase my christlike attributes and be a better person. A few times I have been really blessed and protected from the lord. he will provide a way. ive been reading the book of Mormon over again in my personal study and im where nephi has to build a boat and its not after the manner of men and during the process it sais that he goes often to the mountain to speak with the lord. Well to get out of our rut we had to stop doing it after the manner of men and more after the manner of God. Which means soccer every Saturday with some of the locals to find people and more activities. I was getting set in the missionary rut of just the basic things. I didn't remember that we have to do some other things to progress the work and here its something that the people love. soccer. so far it has worked really well in softening the hearts of the people. once they see that we are people too and we like to have a good time it seems to open them up. Where in a situation where they would be closed off and not interested in learning once they realize that you can play soccer and run around with them they are a lot more likely to listen too you afterwards. This isn't our work. and im remembering that I need to be the hammer that hits the nail not the hand that guides it. Lots of love from down south, Elder Hatfield

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