Monday, October 27, 2014

Brayden's email Oct. 27, 2014

Man thats crazy! I miss the Colors and how pretty it is up there. Its just cactuses and weeds here haha i got a pic of our apartment actually its a little hard to sleep comfortably but i manage. Its going to be so weird to get back. I am really happy with all the work that i have done here. I can be happy when i leave knowing ive done my part. I have worked hard. my spanish has really improved and im just alot better at being a missionary. Im going to be sad when i have to go. So we had a baptism this week with josh. His family is going next but the mom just needs a bit more time. She is alot like you actually. She is white and is very strict with her kids. Obviously not from down here. she doesnt speak spanish so we translate it for her. IT makes it alot of fun. well im eating well and getting taken care of. THe only thing i would ask for at christmas is maybe a new shirt or something but thats about it. I love you guys!

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