Monday, November 17, 2014

Elder Hatfield's Email November 17, 2017~ Still in Roma, TX and loving it!!!

Elder Hatfield is still in Roma, TX and loving it! He has been having lots of baptisms and found that using a "MACHETE" is quite fun! Not loving that but what's new!?! He is doing great and it is always wonderful to see him in pictures. I get the pictures from a sister in his mission that is wonderful and sends them because she knows Brayden doesn't do it. Thank heaven for her!!! Miss my Brayden but he is loving his mission!! Latest Letter: That photo is of me and a machete cutting a bunch of grass and stuff(Im buying a machete when i get home or one here and bringing it home) We have been very succesful down here. We have had a baptism every sunday for the past 6 weeks. Its good for the branch to see that we are working hard. We are building up there trust and trying to do alot of work with the less active families. One of the families we have been working with for awhile finally came to church. I told her i was going to paint her blue for lying if she didnt come to church. It was alot of fun to see them come though. We have two new missionaries in our district and i get to help them alot and they are awesome missionaries. Definitely going places. You take care and keep rocking those sombreros. Love, your son Elder Hatfield

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