Monday, October 13, 2014

Yeah i miss my pups haha. THe dont have stinking polgas(fleas) so im glad that you got the letter and your amazing. That was really thoughtful of you to get me a new debit card haha. i was wondering how i was going to do it and then you did it for me. Thank you! AND WHAT THE FREAK HAPPENED TO TATE! he is like a full grown man now! i was expecting a freaking beard on that picture that dad sent! i need more pics of you guys. I have been away almost 7 months so alot has changed. I dont have to much time today but ill put a pic in from this week. you take care! and look for Petra chavez on facebook if you get time. SHe is like our mom here. (I do her dishes and im sorry i never did the ones for you) Love your son, Elder Hatfield You know me and kids haha Jeff's letter: Im glad you guys got the letter. Thats something that i shouldnt have any excuse for not doing. Writing you guys more. And mom is great. You picked a keeper. Im really learning that the mission is just a big preperation for our lives. Marriage and all that. I never put as much thought in it back home but President Maluenda is always talking about marriage. Its weird how that mindset changes. Im glad that story helped. Hey also thanks again for your sisters dog tag. It helps me remember my purpose here and who i am. I dont have alot of time today because we got to head to mcallen to go pick up a truck for our area. The car was getting pretty beat up out here haha. you guys take care. Tell everyone i say hey! your son, Elder Hatfield

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