Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015

Im praying that i stay. I feel like there is alot more i can do here. But we will see what president says. And thanks about figuring stuff out for college. It will help me alot. We are looking at a really succesful month for august. There are alot of people who can get baptized. so we will see what happens with that. We are looking at some really great members of the church. THey are going to help us alot here. We had a busy week. Alot of fun with the dogs out here. Its wierd but im always in a spot to help dogs. Working at the vet has really been a huge blessing i know how to help alot of dogs here. People just think that they are mean animals but they dont realize that they are guilty for it. Its the same with there kids. THey all want there kids to live a happier and better life and to not get preganant at 16 and things like that but what they dont realize is that if they keep living the way they dont want their kids to live it doesnt matter. THe change has to begin with them. Which is why its cool to see some young people who are actually letting the gospel change there lives and planning on getting married. I hope your week goes well. We will see what we know by next week.

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