Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Aug. 10, 2015- Waiting to still hear on transfers!!

Well can anybody say WOW. We had an amazing week. WE had a wedding! Which was awesome and the baptism is today at 6 so we are really excited that. We have been super blessed out here. One of the people that is preparing to be baptized is going to be one of the strongest members here. It has been awesome to watch Zapata Change as i have been working here. I have put alot into this area. And yeah it has been difficult but I wouldnt trade it for anything. I have been able to grow alot here and I know that the Lord has kept me here for that reason. We are truly blessed here in Zapata. SO whatever happens i know its what the Lord wants. I just hope i can really help. Everything is going good here so far so we will see what the Lord has in store for us. Good week. One of the best weeks in my mission. I was actually given some time to do some "personal study" this morning. Usually im studying for other people and its nice to get some real time to myself for a bit. So i decided to study how Moroni shut down the kings men and how teancum was willing to do what it took to defend what he knew was right. Also on recognizing the spirit and how that spirit can bless our lives and more importantly the lives of others. One thing that has really helped me is being able to see the Lords influence in others over time. To watch my district grow and become something more than what they could have been has been a huge blessing. One of the most spiritual experiences in my mission happened this week. And i think its something that you can relate to as a bishop. I had the opportunity to be able to interview a woman who is preparing to be baptized. She is one of the most prepared people i have ever met. She is growing by leaps and bounds. But in the interview i gave her i had the opportunity to be able to tell her that something she did 20 some years ago can be forgotten. And that the Lord remembers it no more. The relief and comfort she received from that was amazing. I grew from that alot. And whether i stay or not she will always be a part of my life. SHe helped change me. The ability to help others and serve in leadership positions is a priceless opportunity. I now understand the words of Christ. He who is greatest among you let him be your servant. The gospel is priceless. I love this church. I love what it does to people and I know our father in Heaven loves me and is here to guide me in everything. I can now stand with other spiritual Giants and proclaim as they do that Jesus is the Christ and that his sacrifice was not in vain. But that it is really here to help us. If he never came we would have lived without hope in this life. Lots of love! Elder Hatfield

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