Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Mom, its been pretty good out here not to much going on. And yeah Elder Brian is a great missionary. We get along pretty good. I havent got the package yet. and ill have to get back to you next week on when and where i will be for skype. I dont know where ill do it. Nobody in out area has the internet(weird huh) so ill have to find somewhere to do it. Im glad you guys are getting ready for Christmas. It doest feel to much like Christmas down here. other than 1 in every 10 people has something Christmas related outside. Its 85 degrees and im still tanning so no not really like Christmas haha. Work is progressing pretty good here we had a few changes in our boundaries so we will be getting busy to know the new area and the members who live there. We are doing really good. Being safe. We got a few places that we can go to during the Holidays so that should be fun. Well you take care. Im grateful for all you do. And i know that your really looking out for me. Im learning alot and this experience is the best thing ever. Its hard at times. probably the hardest thing ill do for a while. teaching people and then watching them make the wrong choice and every once in awhile the right one but im growing and changing daily and i can see it. Its amazing. Love you mom! Dad, Its been a blast down here. We have been busting our butts to bring the gospel to people this holiday season. Im grateful that i have the chance to represent our savior this holiday season. Its a big responsibility but nothing is better. Thats exciting news for Jenny! She is going to fall in love with missionary work. She is a strong person. Just needs to set good patterns in the mission early. Helps the process of change down the road. Looks like the campout was really cool! we dont have anything like that down here really. Just alot of cactus and mesquite trees. The environment is alot like the people. Tough and dry. Just the way i like it haha. We got some pretty interesting people in our area and it always makes it fun to run into them. We also recently just changed the boundaries to the area so we have a bit more responsibility. Im doing good, im healthy(gaining a little weight actually shocker right?) working hard we got alot of people to help out but service is my favorite thing in the world so of course actually the other day i was helping a member put up christmas lights and tore the crotch on my suit pants and she in turn was able to do some service and sew them up for me haha. I know this church is true and i have a personal testimony that God knows us perfectly, He loves us perfectly, and He know exactly what we need. I have grown so much and I have a testimony as well in the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I trusted him before this life and I trust him now. Nothing has changed. In a sense all we are doing as missionaries is reactivation. Because we were all pre mortal mormons. We all knew what we were doing so now its just keeping the second estate. I know that we can talk personally with out father in heaven and just as joseph smith did after reading James 1:5 we too can gain wisdom by the father of all by simply asking. Love you dad, Elder Brayden Jeffrey Hatfield

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